90 Miles is a full-service production company
 that aims to inform and entertain –
      "one loud character at a time"

90 Miles Productions is a Los Angeles-based television production company that focuses on male-driven occu-soap, process, and lifestyle shows that was started in 2003 by Roberto Cardenas.

The team at 90 Miles “gets it.” We pride ourselves on being accessible and hands-on; in other words, we’re not a bunch of suits in a faraway office. Manned with people who have first-hand field and edit room experience, 90 Miles flourishes because of the innovation and dedication of its employees. Every team member has experience interacting with all personnel involved in the process – and knows the subtleties of managing a project from start to finish.

As the company has evolved, we’ve shifted our focus to character-driven reality shows boasting big personalities and detailed storytelling. Our male-driven tendency is apparent in our latest projects with National Geographic Channel, Building Wild and Die Trying. All that stuff you loved doing as a little boy? Sign us up – only now, we have bigger, faster toys. Because this stuff genuinely excites our team, we’re able to relate to a good portion of TV-watching Americans.

90 Miles continuously has an ever-evolving, fresh development slate. If you wish to collaborate or have an original idea you’d like to share, reach out to us – we’d love to hear from you.